Compliance-side HR – a strong stomach required


This article was originally published in The Daily Record April 5, 2016.

It’s a rough time to be on the compliance side of human resources, and the immediate future isn’t looking much brighter. Don’t get me wrong, short of selling t-shirts and drinks with interesting names on a tropical beach (alongside my wife, of course), there is nothing I would rather be doing. Let me explain… Continue reading

FLSA vs. The Gig Economy: Is A Showdown Looming?


This article was originally published in The Daily Record December 8, 2015

I heard a great line on TV the other night that really hit home. Referring to an older physician, a twenty-something intern said, “He’s been here since dial-up!” Hey, wait a minute! I remember connecting to dial-up Internet service, listening for the unmistakable sounds that were the only indication that it was working. Back then, I was using a cutting-edge “portable” computer (the size of a large toolbox) with its small green screen, dual floppy disk drives, and 40 megabyte hard drive. According to the salesperson, “you’ll never fill that up!” I think it’s safe to say that neither he nor I imagined a world in which I’d be pushing the limits of the 64 gigabytes on my iPhone.

In the dial-up days, you only had a couple of ways to get a ride from point A to point B, hire someone to fix your gutters, or get your house cleaned. Either you knew someone to call, or you took the big floppy phone book out of the closet and looked in the Yellow Pages. I think it’s also safe to say that in the late 1980s and early 1990s, few people imagined a Continue reading